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5 Low Tuition Universities In Canada

We understand your interest in cost-effective Canadian Universities offering Affordable Degree programs, which is why we took out time to compile this blog post.

In this article, you will get to see some of the Low Tuition Universities In Canada, Canada being one of the most preferred Educational destinations has series of Universities that are Quite Cheap.

Irrespective of the high tuition fees charged by most Canadian universities, there are good number of universities where you could pursue a degree at a cheaper fee irrespective of your Course of Study or Level of program.

As we considered the Affordable tuition fees offered by these Canadian Universities, we also meticulously mentioned Universities with high Acceptance rates for international students.

I would highlight each of these Affordable Canadian universities, pointing out their Area of Specialty and the Available Scholarships they have for international students.

Without wasting much time, join me as we review some of the Low Tuition Universities In Canada, I got you covered, you are indeed on the Right Track.

5 Low Tuition Universities In Canada
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Which province in Canada has the cheapest universities for international students?

Some of the top provinces or Region in Canada where international students can find the cheapest universities include Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia e.t.c

The Aforementioned Regions are home to some of the Cheapest Universities like Cape Bretan University, Brandon University, University of Manitoba, University of Canada West, Macewan University e.t.c

How much is a student visa for Canada?

The Student visa fee for international students interested in Furthering their studies in Canada ranges between 150 Canadian Dollars to 355 Canadian Dollars.

The Fee charged for the Canadian Student visa, is with respect to Students Tuition Fees, based on the records obtained from Citizens and Immigration Canada, Indian nationals pay one of the lowest student Visa Fee, the student Visa fee for Indian nationals is worth 150 Canadian Dollar(CAD).

Which university in Canada is easy for international students?

One of the easiest Canadian University, that international students could get Accepted into without any Hassle is the prestigious Thompson Rivers University.

The institution is Situated in the city of Kamloops, Canada, the university’s Acceptance rate for International students is around 82%.

Notwithstanding there are several other top universities in Canada, with high Acceptance rates for international students, some of these institutions are mentioned below:

  • Simon Fraser University
  • McGill University
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia

Low Tuition Universities In Canada

Welcome Back let’s get to review some of the most Cheapest Canadian, Universities in Canada for International students. Read Through Carefully.

  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • Brandon University
  • University of Prince Edward Island
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland

1. University of Manitoba

  • Address: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Phone:1-800-432-1960

First on our list of Low Tuition Universities In Canada is the prestigious University of Manitoba, the institution was established in 1877.

The University of Manitoba ranks among the top fifteen(15) research Intensive Universities in Canada, the institution currently has over 29,000 undergraduate and Graduate students.

This Canadian university has a good Acceptance rate for international students, the School Acceptance rate is around 52%.

Surprisingly the Tuition Fees for Each student pursuing an Undergraduate Degree at University of Manitoba, is actually based on the number of Credit units offered per session.

From records, the rate per credit unit for domestic students at University of Manitoba ranges between $103.24 to $179.59 per credit, whereas international students who are undergraduate will pay between $394.60 to $736.37 per credit unit.

Furthermore, the tuition fees for Full-time Graduate Studies at the University of Manitoba range between $2,934 to $7,000 per term, Although part-time Graduate degree students pay lesser Tuition Fees.

Based on research international students who are part-time Graduate students pay as low as $3,248.81 per term as Tuition fees.

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2. University of Northern British Columbia

  • Address: University Way, Prince George, British Columbia Canada
  • Phone:+1 250-960-5555

The Next Affordable Canadian University on our list is the University of Northern British Columbia, the institution’s main Campus is located in British Columbia, Canada.

University of Northern British Columbia was established in June 1990, the institution is one of the most prominent Universities in the northern region of British Columbia.

Furthermore, The University of Northern British Columbia Currently has about three Branch campuses which are located at Peace River-Liard, Northwest and South Central

This Canadian University currently offers over thirty-two(32) Graduate Degree programs, and also about Sixty-two(62) Bachelor Degree programs.

Based on Research, the University of Northern British Columbia has produced over 16,000 Alumni, who are doing well in their Area of Specialty.

The Tuition Fees for Graduate studies for domestic students at this Institution range between $1,820.14 to $5,521.60 per term.

Whereas international students are charged between $2,548.20 to $5,521.60 per term, the Master of Engineering Program is one of the most Expensive Graduate Degree programs offered at the University of Northern British Columbia.

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3. Brandon University

  • Address: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
  • Phone:+1 204-728-9520

Brandon University is also among the Cheapest Universities in Manitoba, the Institution has been in Existence since 1890.

It was initially known as Brandon College, the institution was renamed to Brandon University on June 5, 1967.

The Canadian University has over Three Branch Campuses, located in Winnipeg, Fleming, and Downtown.

This Canadian University currently has about Seven well noted Faculties which Include the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Music, Faculty of Health Studies, Faculty of Music, and Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Brandon University has several Scholarship opportunities Available to International Students, the Institution awards about $3.8 million yearly to help support Scholarships and Bursaries.

The University Currently offers about Five Scholarship programs to aspiring students and about six(6) Scholarship programs are available to current students who are admitted into the Institution.

Honestly, Brandon College is indeed among the Cheapest Canadian Universities, the institution Charges Around 3,905 per term as Tuition Fees, irrespective of your Course of Study, Although some other relevant Fees will be paid by each student.

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4. University of Prince Edward Island

  • Address: University Avenue, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Phone:+1 902-628-4353

University of Prince Edward Island Also offers an Affordable Degree program, the Institution’s main Campus is situated in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Canada.

The institution is also part of the best Public Research University in Canada, the university is among the top 100 best universities Globally, based on the QS World University Ranking.

Surprisingly the University of Prince Edward Island is the only Known University at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Based on research the University of Prince Edward Island has been in Existence since 1969, the university currently has about Three(3) Branch Campuses which include UPEI Campus, Cairo Campus, and St. Peter’s Bay Campus.

University of Prince Edward Island is also among the top Canadian Schools with high Acceptance rate for international students, the Institution has several international students from about 101 countries of the world.

The University has over twelve(12) well-grounded Faculties which include, the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Sustainable Design and Engineering, School of Climate Change and Adaptation, Faculty of Medicine,Faculty of Business e.t.c.

This Canadian University also offers scholarships to international students, about $11 million is been invested yearly in Catering for the study expenses of international students with impressive Academic performance in their previous Studies.

Tuition Fees

University of Prince Edward Island being one of the Cheapest Canadian Universities charges around 5,860 CAD as tuition Fees for Domestic Students, whereas International students pay about 6,822 CAD as Tuition Fees.

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5. Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Address: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Phone:+1 709-864-8000

Memorial University of Newfoundland is also part of the Low Tuition Universities In Canada, the Degree programs offered at this Canadian University are quite Affordable.

Sincerely the Memorial University of Newfoundland has great Acceptance for international students, surprising The school’s Acceptance rate is around 62%.

The Main Campus of the Memorial University of Newfoundland is at St John’s Street in Newfoundland, Canada, Although some of the School’s campuses are Situated in the City of Labrador.

The University Currently has over Six Branch Campuses, these Campuses include St’s John’s Campus, Grenfell Campus, Signal Hill Campus, Marine Institute, Harlow Campus, and Labrador Campus.

This Canadian University is among the oldest Universities in Canada, the Institution has existed for over ninety-nine(99) years, and it was established in 1925.

The institution offers several degree programs ranging from Undergraduate Degrees, and master’s, to Doctoral Degree programs, the Institution currently offers over 100-degree programs.

Tuition Fees

The Prospective Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Programs offered at this Institution is worth about $6,240 per session, Students will also need to pay certain fees like the Student Service Fee, Student’s Union, Recreation Fee, and Health Insurance Fee yearly.

While the Tuition Fees for Graduate Studies Range between $3,780 to $17,988 per year, Students from Newfoundland and Labrador pay a more Cheaper Tuition fess than other students.

The Memorial University of Newfoundland offers several Financial aid and Scholarship programs, like the Entrance Scholarships and Student loans.

For more verifiable information about the Tuition Fees of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Visit the School’s official web page.

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