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6 Best Football High Schools in Canada

Are you a young football enthusiast in Canada looking to take your skills to the next level? Or you’re a parent searching for the best high schools to nurture your child’s passion for football.

Look no further, because you are on the right track, in this Article you will get to see some of the best Football High Schools In Canada.

Canada is home to some of the finest football Schools in the world, the country has several Institutions that offer Quality football training, facilities, and coaching that will aid students to succeed both in Football and Academically.

One Distinctive feature about the Football Schools situated in Canada is that they tend to help each student balance their Academic Career alongside their football career.

Students enrolled in these so-called Football schools will be privileged to engage in Football Activities while they pursue an Academic Career.

In this post, we will list the most Suitable football high schools in Canada, highlighting their strengths, achievements, and what makes them stand out from other institutions in Canada.

We Sincerely Encourage you to read through this blog post with Keen Attention, we got you covered.

Do high schools in Canada play football?

Yes, High Schools in Canada play prep football, this type of football is similar to the Gridiron Football Played by high schools in the United States.

Notwithstanding, the rules guiding High School Football played in Canada are quite different from that of the United States.

Some of the Top Provinces where high School football are mostly played in Canada include Alberta, Toronto, Ontario, and British Columbia.

How long are high school football games in Canada?

The complete duration for High School Football or Prep Football in Canada is sixty minutes (60 min).

The Sixty-minute(60-minute) game is broken down into two halves i.e the First half and the Second half, each quarter of the Match is expected to last for 30 minutes.

Best Football High Schools in Canada
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What is football called in Canada?

Surprisingly the Game of Football in Canada is Popularly been referred to as Soccer, the Officiating Rules Guiding Soccer in Canada is Accordance with the General Officiating rules of Football.

How old do you have to be to play football in Canada?

The Approved Age Bracket for those who wish to play Football in Canada is between the ages of eight(8) to Eighteen(18).

Best Football High Schools in Canada

Welcome Back Buddy, Let’s get to discuss some of the Best Football High Schools In Canada In-depthtly, we got you Covered.

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy
  • Mount Douglas Secondary School
  • Montreal Impact Academy
  • Ottawa Fury FC Academy
  • Calgary Foothills Soccer Academy
  • Sigma FC Academy

1. Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy

  • Phone: +604-669-9283
  • Address: 6288 Stadium Road, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy is among the Best Football High Schools in Canada, this Institution was established on December 11, 1973.

This institution was one of the most reputable Football High Schools in British Columbia, the Academy initially started as a youth development program to help local players reach the Professional Level in their football Career.

Nevertheless, the Academy has now grown into a fully-fledged football high school that offers both football-related programs and general educational programs.

In Addition, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy is also among the Founding members of the Major League Soccer(MLS) reserve League in Canada.

Notwithstanding the Academy has produced Notable Alumni like the Likes of Russell Teibert, Sam Adekungbe, Alphonso Davies, e.t.c

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy continues to be one of the best hubs for Youth Soccer Development in Canada, Although the institution has a strong reputation in Western Canada.

Visit the School’s page

2. Mount Douglas Secondary School

  • Address: 3970 Gordon Head Rd, Victoria, BC V8N 3X3, Canada
  • Phone: +1 250-477-6977

Next on our list is the prestigious Mount Douglas Secondary School, this institution is also among the Notable football high Schools in British Columbia, Canada.

Mount Douglas Secondary School was established in 1931, and it is part of the Greater Victoria School District,

The Institution is popularly referred to as Mount Doug in Canada, and it currently has over 850 students in Attendance.

Mount Douglas Secondary School is quite committed to helping students actualize their full potential, to make them responsible, and proactive Citizens.

Mount Douglas Secondary School has a Football Club popularly known as the Mount Douglas Rams.

The School’s Football Club i.e Mount Douglas Rams was founded in 1996, it has existed for over twenty-seven(27) years.

Surprisingly the School’s Football club has won several championships and has participated in several Football Tournaments in British Columbia.

Mount Douglas Secondary School currently has over thirteen(13) experienced coaches with proven track records of developing players and winning championships. Visit the School’s Webpage to know more. 

Visit the School page

3. Montreal Impact Academy

  • Address: 411 Letourneux Avenue, Montreal 
  • Phone:+ 1 (514) 800-5103

Montreal Impact Academy is also among the Best Football High Schools In Canada, the institution’s football club is popularly known as CF Montreal.

Montreal Impact Academy Accepts students from the Ages of thirteen(13) to Eighteen, the Academy accepts International students who possess a Canadian Residency permit.

Surprisingly Montreal Impact Academy has a specialized Football program for women, to help train Female students who are passionate about football.

The School Football team has a U15 team, a U17 team, a Women’s Football team, and a reserve soccer team representing the School at highly rated Football tournaments.

The CF Montreal football club was established in 1993 and made its first appearance in Major League Soccer(MLS) in 2012, as at then CF Montreal was the third Canadian club participating in the MLS league.

Montreal Impact Academy is well Equipped with State of Art Facilities, the institution currently has over three(3) world-class Soccer Training Centers.

Visit the School’s page

4. Ottawa Fury FC Academy

  • Address: 700 Industrial Avenue, Suite 520, Ottawa, Canada
  • Phone: +1 (613) 2353879

Next on our List of the most suitable Football High Schools in Canada is Ottawa Fury FC Academy.

Ottawa Fury FC Academy is one of the Notable Football Academies in the City of Ottawa, it’s was established in 2006.

The institution currently has over twenty(20) football teams of different Age grades, aside from the male soccer team, Ottawa Fury FC Academy also has a Female Football Team.

Ottawa Fury FC Academy works hand-in-hand with local football clubs in the City of Ottawa to help identify young talent and enroll them into the Academy, It accepts Applications Directly from parents interested in enrolling their wards into the Academy.

For a more indepth info or Detailed Information about Ottawa Fury FC Academy Canada, Click here.

Best Football High Schools in Canada
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5. Calgary Foothills Soccer Academy

  • Phone: +1 403-225-9388
  • Address: 111 Exploration Ave SE, Calgary, AB T3S 0B6, Canada

Calgary Foothills Soccer Academy is also among the most suitable Football Academy to enroll your wards in Canada.

The Institution Football team is popularly been referred to as the Calgary Foothills Socccer Club,it’s actually established in 1972.

Calgary Foothils Soccer Academy is a mixed School for both boys and Girls who are passionate about Football.

The institution has a Grassroots football program, to help fine-tune the Football Skills of Kids between the Age of Four(4) to Eight(8).

In Addition, Calgary Foothills Soccer Academy has a Youth Football program, which accepts Students from the Grassroot Football Class, the Youth football team Accepts students from the Age of Nine(9) to nineteen(19).

This Canadian Football Academy has a Strong Affiliation with Calgary FC of the English Premier League.

Honestly, this Canadian Football School is one of the most suitable academies for individuals who wish to play soccer professionally, especially if you wish to join Calvary FC of the EPL.

The Academy has an Online Store where individuals can purchase Football Kits, shorts, Hoodies, Shirts, and Backpacks.

Visit The School’s Webpage

6. Sigma FC Academy

  • Phone: 905 502 9100
  • Address: 5735 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, Ontario,Canada

 This Canadian Football High School is located in Mississauga, the City of Mississauga is one of the top Cities in Ontario, Canada. 

Sigma FC Academy was established in 2005 by some group individuals, who were indeed passionate about the game of Soccer.

In 2015 Sigma FC Academy partnered with Toronto FC to become the official Youth Affiliate of the Major League Soccer Club.

The Partnership Between Sigma FC and Toronto FC gave students of Sigma FC Academy the privilege to train with the Coaches and Players of Toronto FC.

Aside from the School’s Affiliation with Toronto FC, Sigma FC also has strong Affiliations with top Football Clubs like Hibernian FC of Scotland, Red Star Belgrade of Serbia, West Ham United of England, Besiktas JK of Turkey e.t.c

Sigma FC Academy has produced world-class players over the years, some of its players have represented Canada at both national and Club Level.

Currently, the institution is one of the most outstanding Football Academies in Canada, due to its Commitment to Innovative Soccer Coaching, Personalized Soccer Training, and Technical Excellence.

Visit the School’s Webpage


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