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5 Best Private Special Needs Schools In Singapore

In this article, we will review some of the best Private Special Needs Schools in Singapore providing specialized care and Support to Children with Special needs

Oftentimes, Children with Special needs are better taken care of, when enrolled in an Accredited Private Special Need School.

Special needs schools that are Privately owned provide better intensive care and support than Public Special Needs Schools.

Disabled Kids enrolled in Private Special Needs Schools are well-monitored, they tend to receive more individualized attention and Support from their tutors due to the smaller Class Sizes used by these Private Special Needs Schools.

From Experience most of the Private Special Needs Schools in Singapore, are more Equipped than the Public ones, they also possess a more conducive and Serene Environment compared to the Public Owned Special Schools in Singapore.

Despite the Quality care and support offered by Private Special Schools in Singapore, one major turn-off has been the Exorbitant Tuition fee rate, this indeed has discouraged parents from enrolling their wards in Private Special schools.

Nevertheless, for your sole benefit, I have put together some of the top Private Special Needs Schools In Singapore that are very much Affordable.

For your interest we would dive deep into some of these Singapore-based Private Special Schools, stating their Histories, Locations, and Contact Details.

Without wasting much time, let’s do a detailed review of the Well-Equipped Private Special Schools in Singapore, Ensure you read through with Keen Attention.

Best Private Special Needs Schools In Singapore
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What are the most common special needs in Singapore?

From Experience, the most common forms of Disability faced by individuals in Singapore, are Sensory and Physical Disabilities, most especially sensory-based disability like blindness and Deafness.

How much is private autism school in Singapore?

Most of the top Private Autism School’s Situated In Singapore Charge between $150 to $400 per month as Tuition Fees.

Can an autistic child go to normal school in Singapore?

Yes, an Autistic Child can attend the normal Conventional School in Singapore, provided they receive Additional Support, intensive care, and Therapy that would aid them succeed in a regular classroom setting.

In Addition to the support and Training received from normal Schools, the Ministry of Education in Singapore also provides support for students with special needs.

Private Special Needs Schools In Singapore

Welcome Back Buddy, the outlined list below is a comprehensive list of the Top Privately Owned Special Needs Schools In Singapore, do well to read through Carefully.

  • Pathlight School
  • Eden School
  • Towner Gardens School
  • Dover Court International School
  • Dynamics International School
  1. Pathlight School
  • Address: 2, Ang Mo Kio St 44, Singapore
  • Phone:+65 6592 8925

Pathlight School comes first on the list of Top Private Special Needs Schools that are Situated in Singapore.

This Institution is actually the First Autism based school in Singapore, to offer the Country’s National Curriculum with Life Readiness Skills.

Notwithstanding Pathlight School was Established in January 2004, the institution commenced operation with just 41 students in 2004 and currently has over 2,000 Students.

However, the prestigious Pathlight Academy was established by the Autism Resource Center, a Singapore-based NGO organization focused on providing aides to students suffering from Autism.

This is why the Prestigious Pathlight School a product of the organization i.e Autism Resource Center, is Focused on Catering for Students suffering from Autism-related Deficiencies.

Notwithstanding Pathlight School offers Vocational Education, Primary Education, and Secondary Education.

This Institution Accepts students between the Age of Seven(7) and Eighteen, that are suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD).

One of the Distinguishing Features of this Private Special needs school is the Small Class Sizes used in Teaching Students, from experience the Average Class Sizes at Pathlight School is around Ten(10) to Fourteen(14) Students per Class.

Nevertheless, the range of Tuition Fees At Pathlight School ranges between $150 to $350 per month, Singapore Citizens pay about $150 per month, whereas Singapore PRs pay around $350 per month.

Surprisingly Pathlight School doesn’t  Accept Tuition fee payments for December, December Tuition Fees are paid altogether with that of January.

Visit School Webpage

  1. Eden School
  • Address: Bukit Batok West Avenue 2 Singapore
  • Phone: +65 6027 7088

Next on our list of the Top Private Needs Schools In Singapore is the Prestigious Eden School, the institution is also among the top Special Schools for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD).

Eden School is accredited by the Autism Association of Singapore, Autism Resource Center, Ministry of Education Singapore, National Council of Social Service, and Community Chest.

This Private Special School in Singapore is committed at Equipping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with basic life skills that are not part of the Conventional Academic Curriculum in Singapore.

Eden School is among the most Equipped Special School in Singapore, the institution has a Functional Cafe where Students get to order food.

The Institution Accept Disable Kids from the Age of Seven(7) to Twelve(12), however, the Tuition Fees at Eden School is also between $150 to $350 per month.

Surprisingly the Tuition Fees for the month of May and June will be Collected in May, whereas the Tuition fees for November and December at this Institution will be Collected in November.

Notwithstanding Eden School offers Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Vocational programs to Children with Special Needs.

Intending Parents Who wish to Enroll their Wards into this Institution will need to submit an official Doctor’s report to prove an official Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) for the Supposed Child.

For more information regarding the Admission Criteria and process of Eden School, visit the school’s official Webpage.

Visit School Page

3.Towner Gardens School

  • Address: 1B Lengkong Lima,Singapore
  • Phone: 6646-2612

Towner Gardens School is Another Outstanding Private Special Need School In Singapore, the Institution’s main Campus is Situated in Lengkong Lima, Singapore.

This Singapore-based Based Special School is also for disabled Children Between the Age of Seven(7) to Eighteen(18) years.

Towner Gardens School is also referred as MINDS, an acronym for the movement for the intellectually Disabled of Singapore.

The Institution was established by a group of Philanthropists in Singapore who were committed at impacting and Equipping individuals with Intellectual Disabilities with the right skill-set needed for them to succeed.

Surprisingly Towner Garden School commenced operation in 1962 with about twenty-six(26) students in Attendance.

Towners Garden School is among Singapore’s biggest and Oldest Private Special Needs Schools.

Aside from the Training programs or support offered to children with intellectual Disabilities, this Institution also offers Vocational programs to Adults with disabilities with respect to their interests, so as to make them Employable.

In Addition Towner Gardens School also scouts for Employment for Adults with special needs, who were trained under the School’s Vocational program.

Visit School Webpage

  1. Dover Court International School
  • Address: Dover Road, Singapore
  • Phone: +65 6775 7664

Dover Court International School Comes next on our list of the Best Private Needs Schools In Singapore.

This Private Special needs school was established in 1972, the institution has smaller Class sizes, about twenty-two(22) students per class.

Dover Court International School Accepts Students With Special Needs between the Ages of three(3) and Eighteen(18).

This Special Need School Offers Individualized Educational Programs alongside the British curriculum.

The Institution offers early years and preschool education to Students Between the Ages of three(3) to Five(5) and primary School Education to disabled Kids Between the Ages of Five(5) to Eleven(11).

Dover Court International School Also offers Secondary School Education, International Baccalaureate, and BTEC programs.

Dover Court International School is specifically for Disabled Kids with Disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,(ADHD), Dyslexia e.t.c.

I strongly suggest you visit the official web page of Dover Court International School, to know more about the list of services and programs offered by the institution.

Visit the School’s Webpage

  1. Dynamics International School
  • Address: Orchard Road, Shopping Mall, Singapore
  • Phone:+65 6100 9235

Dynamics International School is another Privately owned Special Needs School In Singapore, the Institution was established in 2002.

The Institution was recently recognized by the Reader’s Choice Award as the best Physical Therapist School in Singapore,

Dynamics International School offers Center Based Therapy, Home Based therapy, Telehealth Services, Hybrid Therapy, Child Therapy, Educational Therapy, Child Counselling, Child Physiotherapy e.t.c.

The Institution Also provides Top-notch Services to Adults with Special needs some of these Services include Adult Speech Therapy, Adult Counselling, Psychological Assessments, Keto Coaching, Adult Physiotherapy e.t.c.

Dynamic International School is honestly the best for your disabled kids, the Institution has well Experienced Tutors, Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, Social Skills Counsellors, psychologists, and ABA therapists.

Notwithstanding this Institution offers Intensive Care and Support to Special kids with Autism Disorders, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,(ADHD), and Developmental delays.

Dynamic International School is indeed well Equipped with the Finest Facilities needed to Educate and Provide support to Kids with Special Needs, the institution has several world-class therapy rooms, Sensory Integration Equipment, and also an Adaptive Learning Environment that is tailored to fit Kids with Special needs.

For more information regarding the Intensive care, support, and Training provided by Dynamics International School to Kids with Disabilities, Visit the School’s webpage highlighted below.

Visit the School’s page


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