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5 Best Women’s Colleges In California

Are you a Female or have a Female Child? If yes, you are indeed on the right track, in this Resource, I will expose you to some of the Best Women’s Colleges in California.

Oftentimes, women feel more comfortable expressing themselves freely without the presence of male peers, they tend to associate more freely when in a supportive community that addresses women’s issues.

This is why we painstakingly took out time in Crafting out some of the top California Colleges that provide well-nurtured Environments for Females, to help develop or improve their Leadership skills.

These California Female Colleges will also help improve the confidence of female students and also help address specific emotional issues that women commonly face.

Enrolling in any of the outlined Female Schools in this blog post will give you access to mentorship and Leadership opportunities that are carefully tailored to the needs of women.

The City of California, one of the most populous City in the United States, has several women’s colleges with unique histories and Academic offerings.

Through this Blogpost you will get a detailed review of each of these California Based-women Colleges, their locations, Areas of Specialty, and their supposed Tuition Fees.

Without Further Ado let’s get to see some of the most Suitable Women’s Colleges In California, we got you Covered.

Are there any female only colleges in the US?

Yes, there are several Female Colleges in the United States, based on the reports from Wikipedia, there are about Sixty Female institutions in the US.

Women’s Colleges In California
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What college has the most females In US?

Below are the top institutions in the United States that have the highest percentage of women, the ones highlighted below have the Largest women’s student Body in the United States.

1. Walden University

Walden University is among the top Colleges in the United with the highest percentage of women, the percentage of women in this Institution is around 76.49% based on Collegestats.

Walden University is a privately owned university, the institution has it main campus situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2. Capella University

Capella University is another College that has one of the Largest Women’s Bodies in the United States, the percentage of women in this Institution is around 74.34%.

This University also has its main Campus in the City of Minnesota, the institution also offers online programs tailored to the needs of Females.

3. Miami Dade College

The next institution on our list is the prestigious Miami Dade College, one of the top colleges in Miami, Florida, United States.

Based on the report from Collegestats, the percentage of women in this institution is around 57.53%, the college currently has over eight(8) Branch Campuses.

4. Everest University-South Orlando

Everest University South Orlando, also has large women student’s Community, the percentage of women in this university with respect to the report from Collegestats is around 75.33%.

Everest University South Orlando is also situated in Florida just like Miami Dade College, although Everest University’s main Campus is Situated in the City of Orlando.

5. New York University

New York University, also ranks among the Top Institutions in the United States with the Largest women’s student body. the percentage of women in New York University is around 55.3%.

Which field has most girls?

Welcome back, below are some of the most suitable Career paths for Females in today’s world, check to see if any of the listed professions suit your interests and goals.

  • Law
  • Nursing
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Medicine and Health-related Fields
  • Caregivers
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
Women’s Colleges In California
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Women’s Colleges In California

Without wasting time, let’s get to see some of the Top Women’s Colleges In California for international students, we got you covered.

  • Mount Saint Mary University 
  • Scripps College Claremont California
  • Mills College At Northeastern University California
  • Saint Mary’s College of California
  • Dominican University of California

1. Mount Saint Mary University

  • Address: Old Emmitsburg Road, Emmitsburg, Maryland
  • Phone: 301-447-6122

Mount Saint Mary University comes first on our list of the best Women’s Colleges In California, the institution was established on the 16th of June,1808.

Mount Saint Mary University is actually a privately owned university,the institution is owned by Catholics and is currently the second-largest School in Maryland.

The institution being a Catholic university was created primarily for women, with the sole aim of Equipping women with top-notch leadership qualities and also Equipping them with in-demand skill sets.

Notwithstanding the Prestigious Mount Saint Mary University Currently has over Five Branch Campuses, although the School’s Head Campus is Located in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

This Institution provides a serene and supportive environment for Students, mount Saint Mary University also exposes women to several rich resources, Mentorship, and ideas aimed at improving success and Leadership among Female Students.

Furthermore, Mount Saint Mary University also supports research innovations that are focused on solving Problems Faced by women, the school also has Libraries, research centers and Financial Aid opportunities that are focused on women’s Studies. 

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2. Scripps College Claremont California

  • Address: Columbia Avenue, Claremont, California
  • Phone: 909-621-8000

Scripps College California is also among the most Suitable Colleges for Women in California, the institution was established in 1926.

This institution is actually a privately owned institution, which has a great reputation in the Field of Liberal Arts.

Honestly, Scripps College will Sincerely be a perfect choice for Female Students interested in Journalism or any program that is related to Liberal Arts.

The institution is indeed committed to empowering women through education, in accordance with the vision of the Founder, in the person of Ellen Browning Scripps, a notable journalist and Philanthropist in the US.

Notwithstanding Scripps College California only admits Females, the institution has well-experienced Female teachers and Counsellors who provide Adequate mentorship and Counselling to Female Students.

Scripps College Currently has over one thousand (1,000) Female Students, pursuing an Undergraduate Degree at the Institution.

Surprisingly Scripps College is currently ranked 33 in the US based on the US News and World Report.

The Institution gives room for personalized instruction because the Average Class size per class is around sixteen(16).

Notwithstanding the total duration for a complete Advanced Degree at Scripps College is around Five(5) years.

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3. Mills College At Northeastern University California

  • Address: Mark Arthur, Boulevard, California, United States
  • Phone: 510-430-2255

Mills College At Northeastern University is also among the Outstanding Women’s Colleges In California, this college is a Subsidiary of the Foremost Northeastern University, California.

This Institution is actually the oldest women’s College in California, Mills College was actually established in 1852, the college was actually the first Female College in the Western region of United States.

However, the main Campus of Mills College is situated in Oakland, California, although the Institution also has branch Campuses in places like London, Toronto e.t.c

Currently, Mills College has over thirteen Campuses, and about nine(9) research institutes, furthermore, the Institution has over 3,600 staff.

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4. Saint Mary’s College of California

  • Address: Saint Mary Road, Moraga, California, United States
  • Phone: +1-925-631-4000

Saint Mary’s College California is another outstanding college for women residing in the City of California, the institution’s main Campus is situated in Moraga, California.

This California-based women’s College was established in 1863, Saint Mary’s College is also among the Top Catholic Schools situated in California.

Saint Mary’s College offers series of Academic programs ranging from Bachelor’s to Graduate Degree Programs.

Based on the U.S News and World Report Saint Mary’s College of California is currently ranked among the Top four high-ranking colleges in the West.

The institution is well known to have small Class sizes thereby giving room for personalized instruction, the small class sizes will aid the easy assimilation of students during lectures.

Saint Mary’s College currently has over four Faculties, which include the School of Education, School of Liberal Arts, School of Economics and Business Administration, and the school of Science.

Saint Mary’s College Encourages Female Students to Engage in extracurricular Activities like Sports, Athletics, Liberal Arts, Music e.t.c.

Surprisingly This College, organizes an On-campus Dance Concert where students gets to showcase their Dancing Talents.

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5. Dominican University of California

  • Address: Acacia Avenue, San Rafael, California, United States
  • Phone: +1 415-457-4440

Dominican University of California is also among the top Catholic women’s College in California, the institution was established by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael in 1890.

The Institution was popularly Known as Dominican College before it was changed to the Dominican University of California in 2001.

Notwithstanding, the Dominican University of California is also among the oldest universities in the City of California, the university has the Accreditation of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Despite offering several Disciplines, Dominican University of California has a strong reputation in the field of Liberal Arts Education.

Dominican University of California Currently offers over sixty(60) majors, and minors at Undergraduate Degree Level, whereas the institution offers over twenty(20) Graduate degree programs covering Fields like Business, Health, Science, Education e.t.c

Nevertheless, The Prestigious Dominican University of California has about three(3) Faculties, they include the School of Business, School of Health and Natural Sciences, and the School of Liberal Arts and Education.

Female students at this Institution will be opportune to Access about Four(4) Financial Aid programs that are available to First-year Undergraduate Students at the institution.

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